FUBON x BALLIN Wooden Jersey LIN 林志傑 - ALL STAR

FUBON x BALLIN Wooden Jersey LIN 林志傑 - ALL STAR

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【Prime Curry · The Peak at age 33】

Concept Behind:

  • 337 three-pointers, breaking the regular season record, averaging 5.3 goals per game;

  • Become the 20-21 scoring champion, averaging 32 points per game, FG% 48.2%;

  • All Stars Game 3-Point Contest beat Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum and others to win the championship;

  • 4975 Assists, becoming the all-time assist king in GSW

Curry at the top, full fire. Baby-faced Assassin, absolutely competent. He found his "instruction manual", knows how to get to PRIME's 2020-21 season, but can't get into Playoff. There is no chance to compete for the bid, and it can be said that Curry's chance to get the MVP is directly cancelled, because there has never been an MVP who can't make it to Playoff in history.

At age 33, he's still on his way to the top, playing 63 games with 34.2 minutes per game. This is life; just do your best and don't leave any regrets.

Product Details

size】:35 x 47 x 5 cm

raw material】:Mongolia Pine

Production process】:

  1. Hot stamping
  2. Screen printing
  3. Hand-drawing design
  4. Assembling      

Handmade remarks

*Due to the 100% handmade process, the product you receive may slightly different from the product picture.

*3M double-sided velcro is suggested to use to hang the product.





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Q6: Why there is dust?
A6: Shipping and packaging by SF Express may cause dust running into the product, you can wipe it again once you have received.

Q7: Will the wood get moldy?
A7: All wooden material will be sprayed with a layerVarnish (latch frame) to prevent mildew