Dirk Wooden Jersey #41
Dirk Wooden Jersey #41
Dirk Wooden Jersey #41
Dirk Wooden Jersey #41
Dirk Wooden Jersey #41

Dirk Wooden Jersey #41

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Product Details

size】:35 x 47 x 5 cm

raw material】:Mongolia Pine

Production process】:

  1. Hot stamping
  2. Screen printing
  3. Hand-drawing design
  4. Assembling

Handmade remarks

*Due to the 100% handmade process, the product you receive may slightly different from the product picture.

*3M double-sided velcro is suggested to use to hang the product.


You will receive the product within 7-14 working days once you have made purchase.

Shipping Fee (HKD) -  SF Express 

    1. Hong Kong - $40-$50
    2. Taiwan - $70-$100
    3. Macau -$70-$100

According to different product weige, there will be corresponding shipping costs


*According to Taiwan's import tax rate, the tax will be charged to the buyer upon arrival, and the specific amount will be collected by the customs.


Q1: What are the payment method?
A1: We accept credit card (VISA, MasterCard), PayPal, bank transfer, Payme, FPS.

Q2: How do I know that BallinHK has confirmed my order?
A1: You will receive an confirmation email (Thank you for your order). When payment is successfully verified, you will receive another email (Invoice for order #0000)

Q3: How do I know my payment is successed?
A3: Through:

Payme, FPS, incoming credit, please send a screenshot of the transaction link/transaction record together with the order number to enquiry@ballinhk.com for customer service mailbox to confirm

Q4: When will I receive the goods after confirming the order?
A4: It will be delivered to the designated address within 7-14 working days

Q5: Why is the product I received is slightly different from the product picture?
A5: Due to 100%h handmade progress, each product is unique from the product picture

Q6: Why there is dust?
A6: Shipping and packaging by SF Express may cause dust running into the product, you can wipe it again once you have received.

Q7: Will the wood get moldy?
A7: All wooden material will be sprayed with a layerVarnish (latch frame) to prevent mildew